Josh Taylor v Jose Ramirez thoughts

A proper super fight this week with Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez
Always good to hear the sage opinions on here.

  • Josh Taylor to win
  • Jose Ramirez to win
  • The draw

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Can’t wait for this. I think Taylor wins by points unanimous. Been watching some Ramirez fights lately. I think that in Prograis, Taylor has already beaten the no 2 in the division.

I’m going to be in some state for this one though. Same day as Hibs in the Scottish Cup final. If we win Leith is going to be a party zone. Strange twist of fate that considering Josh is also a Hibs fan.

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Guess you had better hope Hibs lose then to make it the fight in one piece :slight_smile:

Haha as much as I love my boxing and a huge fan of Josh, the cup final takes precedence. Plus if we win I will be up for days partying so win win :joy:

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Strangely low-key the build up to this one. As much as Hearn has his faults, re promotes and builds up big fights a lot better than TopRank. Also the fact no UK station picked up the fight is a disgrace.

Totally bizarre on all fronts.
Genuine big fight.
Personally cannot wait.
It does look at the moment as if Top Rank are somewhat slipping….

I get that Taylor is probably not as popular in the UK as he could be since he is Scottish. In the same way many on this weird little isle preferred serial loser Tim Henman to Andy Murray :joy::joy:. And we also have a bizarre situation where many seem to just support Matchroom boxers.

But yeah, strangely low key considering it’s the UKs best PfP and it will provide the only undisputed champion in the boxing world.

Good wee Top Rank video to get you in the mood for the big one.


Well Josh is now undisputed. Outstanding achievement. In only 18 fights as well. Incredible really.


Brilliant stuff. Well worth staying up for and a great performance and fascinating fight.

He never went the easy way about it at all mate unbelievable what a guy

You might see a change. Round my area we would say there Scottish, welsh but soon as they become successful there British. :joy:
In football obviously you can’t go round supporting other British nation but if there’s good young boxers I will support them. I went to Wales and watched joe calzaghe. I didn’t say a word to anyone all night though. :joy::joy:

Absolutely cracking fight. Did standard stay up with bottle of rum then fall asleep at 3ish.

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Yeah I think any actual boxing fans will appreciate him. How can you not eh. Elite, will probably move into top 5 or 6 PfP. May need to move to matchroom to get the masses though. Promotion for this fight in the UK was dreadful.

Man today has been a struggle haha.

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I always try to look out for uk and will always support uk fighters. I end up following strange boxers like Amir Kahn. Don’t particular like him. But always in good fights. I don’t support him and generally watch as neutral but always exciting. Used to enjoy Marcos Maidana too. Not best boxer but entertaining fights.
Got to put yourself through it some times. Must have been a right chore going on sesh to watch team in final then watch fave boxer become undisputed champ.:joy::joy:. Next you will be moaning about been furloughed still. :joy:

Yeah same. Always support the UK boxer. Just glad we finally found one to beat a Mexican :joy:

Ah man, sesh was ruined due to the crap cup final. Ended up getting some sleep and then watching the fight with a hangover! Getting too old for it lol.


Never too old for sesh. I take my dad out for footie. He is 74 and loves a sesh. :joy:
Am loving reports on sky sports. Pac-Man and Crawford apparently next or couple of fights away for Taylor. Love to see Taylor do a job on Crawford.

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