Joshua versus Usyk

Who you guys got for this? I can see this being close. Joshua to win by controversial decision. You just know Usyk is not getting a points win in the UK.


Weirdly was so excited about the idea of there being a nice big fight on that the actual details had passed us by!!!
Joshua should surely have him on size and power, however, Usyk feels awkward for Joshua who somehow manages to never quite fully convince any of us here at BM.

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Know what you mean re Joshua. But you know what boxing fans are like. We tend to only appreciate champs about 10 years after they have retired :joy:

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I think after the Ruiz Jnr fight, anything can happen. AJ hasn’t got a great chin in my opinion, and I wonder if his defense (or lack of) might allow Usyk a few clever shots.

Usyk has all the skills for sure. Wasn’t impressive v Del Boy. But then this is a different stage with a proper fight camp etc. It’s a really interesting match up.

Other than Taylor’s undisputed fight, this is probably the most iv looked forward to a fight this year.

I’ve got Joshua edging it on points think it will be a good fight. It will be my first ever live fight can’t wait heading to London on Thursday

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Superb mate. What a fight to have for your first live one.


Nice one!!!
That is a great first fight!!!

I think josh is far too robotic. He doesn’t have fluidity. I think if you keep throwing jab out and moving josh looses his danger. Once he plants feet and gets a combo going your in trouble. Perfect opponent for Usyk.

I think a lot of that is to do with his physique. Looks a bit leaner for this fight. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not to be honest.

I’m going for a draw. I think Usyk will do well, but not quite well enough.

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Agree @TartanTornado I just think Usyk is too skillful for Joshua but we know how they treat the golden goose over there


Always like Usyk fight weeks. He must be the most likeable boxer out there.

I’m a bit split on who I want to actually win this. I probably like Usyk more. But him winning and the resulting rematch would just make Joshua v Fury all the more unlikely.

Am exactly same. Always liked usyk. Took me a few months to like him again after he ko’d bellew though. Haha. Really want to see fury Joshua fight so going to be supporting Joshua.
Getting excited for sat. I think it’s going to be a good fight.


I want to see Joshua v Fury but the more I look at this the closer a fight it seems to be.

Suddenly doesn’t look all that close after last night. How would AJ cope with a monster that can move like Usyk.

Looks like a pointless fight.

Definitely now a voluntary defence.
Can imagine taking this as an easy win in the game.

All credit however to Joshua for not quitting on his stool. After end of second looked like it was an option.

Ditch McCracken. Get some proper people who tell the actual truth and he might get a comeback. If he think McCracken is the man then we will keep on funding the game dev by laying him until reality really bites….:wink:

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To be fair I wrote that before the fight!!!
Aj is “shot” at this level. Only fight at moment is Usyk and he loses inside 6 next time out.
Usyk charitably kept him upright for the next pay day.

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I think he is too nice. Imagine Fury against Usyk, he would be leaning, head locks, using all the tricks in the book. Joshua doesn’t seem to have that in his locker.

For me, Usyk verse Fury is a much more interesting fight than AJ and Fury. I’ve never been persuaded by the hype around that.
I’ve never got very excited watching AJ - but if he focused on just going in and knocking people out it might be more exciting. He can’t box very well in my view.