July 29th. Prediction

I honestly wake up and it’s a different winner for each day. Errol Spence and Bud Crawford I really do believe is gonna be a huge moment in boxing history and it really will live up to the hype.

My mind says Spence might outwork him but my heart believes we will see another a Terence Crawford masterclass. I love Crawford but I also love Spence it’s just one of them fights where it’s really hard to picture the loser because they are both just such winners.

Seeing one of them lose their aura of invincibility and have a 1 on their records after this will feel strange for a while. I think the timing is much better for Crawford especially after all the out of ring Spence accidents and the way in recent bouts he has looked alot more human whilst Crawford now has solid experience at the weight.

I’m gonna finally stick to a prediction and say Crawford by a late stoppage courtesy of a heavy knock down then a pressure applied TKO stoppage in the corner from the referee. I think this will be the first fight Spence May get a taste of his own pressure in the later rounds and at this stage of his life not just career, I don’t know how much that dog inside really will care too much about fighting back and just accept the defeat.

Crazy how this has been 5/6 years in the making but we are almost there!

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I think Crawford. But to be honest both are so inactive and probably past their best now that it’s hard to say. Such a shame they didn’t get it on years ago. Boxing man.

Damn I actually called it to perfection

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Still shocked at how much of a beat down that was. Incredible performance from Crawford. Will rightly be seen as one of the best of all time now.

totally agree very good performance this level of boxing is rare to see

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Superb fight. Just plain brilliant.