June game update

Firstly, apologies for not being on here as often as I used to be. It’s just a function of being really busy with the various games and projects we have underway.

We’re focused on two main things at the moment. We’ve just completed the first round of testing and development of the new title engine. This has gone particularly well, and we are now integrating it into Ringside first, followed by the other platforms shortly afterward.

The title engine update is a vast improvement over what we currently have. It’s very different in terms of gameplay and hopefully more realistic, while still keeping things fun. With features such as fight offers being made by champions to challengers within the system and the various title “states,” we’ve had to make many changes to the interface. To support these changes, we also have a major visual update coming to tie the manager/promoter side of things with the work underway on the career mode game.

We are almost finished sorting out some bugs, which forced us to miss our initial aim of releasing by the end of May. We may do the UI/UX update to Ringside first in the coming week or so, and then hopefully the title changes will follow. We usually play it by ear and aim for the updates to be ready when they meet our standards.

These changes will appear first in Ringside. Once career/boxer mode is released into Ringside (no set date yet, please don’t ask, but hopefully sooner rather than later), we plan to update the main boxing manager game with many of the features from Ringside. It is our intention (though we can’t guarantee it) to eventually merge the Ringside feature and the regular game into one app, which would simplify things for us.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for their support of the game. The past six months have enabled us to try out some new and different things (career/boxer mode and some innovative ways to both watch and play fights) that we hope to reveal sooner rather than later.



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Hey Guys love the game, when is the next update coming to the main game, because there has been no new update to the game for 3 months, so can we see a new update in the next week or 2

Looking forward to seeing these updates

Only recently downloaded the game, but loving it so far!
Only query I have is that I can’t seem to match my fights together even if they are in a different gym?

That shouldn´t be a problem. Are you talking about title fights and if so do the fighters match the ranking criteria for being in a title fight?