Khan v Brook thread

Who you all got? Must admit I wasn’t fussed when it got announced but pretty hyped for it now.

The gloves are off was some watch. Brook come across as really insecure, felt brutal for him!

I will probably change my mind but all the body language etc points towards a Khan win.

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Such is boxing coverage at the moment that anything’s exciting :):slight_smile: Time for a poll.:slight_smile:

  • Khan Pts
  • Khan inside distance
  • Brook Pts
  • Brook inside distance
  • Draw/other

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I have been looking forward to this fight for 10 years. It’s well overdue. If it was 5 years ago I would have said brook ko in first 6 rounds. Hopefully he still gets the ko. I can’t have Lancashire lot having bragging rights over Yorkshire. Whatever happens I honestly believe it’s going to be a very exciting fight and I think it could go down as one of fights of year in uk.

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Press conference yesterday was incredible. Great entertainment.

I don’t think Kell will lose. But he needs to control his temper in the ring.

It clearly means a huge amount to Kell. I believe he is a better boxer and will knock Khan out. It could be any round - depends when he smashes his chin. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s early or in the mid rounds.

I think Khan will slow down as the fight goes on, which will make his chin increasingly more vulnerable. Also, if he starts fighting on the inside, as will probably happen at some point (I think he will be overconfident), I think Kell can finish it easily. I am not sure Khan really has the passion to fight anymore - maybe he has, but I don’t see it. I think Kell looks in great shape and will time his victory to perfection.

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…it’s also nice to watch the build up and hear all the interviews without Hearn involved. Breath of fresh air.

The press conference was brilliant eh. Can’t believe the things they brought up :joy:

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Off to go and check this out!!!

Adam Smith though… A lifetime of loathing his particular sub-Partridge style.

After Khan joked about the hotel room, I don’t think he expected Brook to fire back like that :sweat_smile:
Khan’s face - I thought he looked so embarrassed!
I really can’t wait for this fight. :grinning:

Maybe the official video from Sky is censored - no idea. But I watched the uncensored one on Youtube.

Can’t wait for the weigh in.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Brook weighs in heavier than 149 and just pays the fine.

Ha. I think you’ve mentioned your Adam Smith feelings a few times on here :grinning:
It made me laugh how he tried to stop Khan and Brook from exchanging words when things got heated. Totally failed.

I’m with Brook on this one.

Likewise. That’s our afternoon sorted.

Not to mention, fixing a few bugs and hopefully a nice cool feature bump out on beta very soon :slight_smile:

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Just checked. The Sky video of the press conference is censored. They have cut the verbal exchanges.

That figured. Seemed disjointed.

Interesting to have the weight issue to spice up the weigh-in.

SecondsOut version has all the verbal exchanges.

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Haha it was hilarious eh. I was watching it live and couldn’t believe what I was seeing :joy:

This is why I never miss a Kahn fight. Not a huge fan of him at all but I have never (apart from dibb fight) been disappointed in him. When he gets hurt or as fight progresses he is unable to defend himself. He goes all out attack. Love him or hating he is in entertaining fights. If anyone reading this never watched . Marcos Maidana and Kahn fight I would recommend it.


Battle of the Glass Chin vs. Glass Orbitals soon lads, cant wait :slight_smile:

Bit of a let down really. Khan looked completely finished. Dreadful undercard as well.