KO out of nowhere?

So this kind of KOs just started happening more and more often…and I don’t get why? Can someone elaborate? Because for me it doesn’t make sense completely…


No it’s not happening any more or less than since we started. (we keep records of +10m with results to check).

What matters are the fight stats and then probability theory. Do send over the fighter attribute comparison and we are always happy to take a look.

I would really appreciate if you could elaborate :heart:

Yeah easily. Your guy has no chin. Against anyone with a punch power that high he’s got more than a fair chance of getting tagged. Equally he has lousy on the canvas so if he goes down chances are he’s staying there.

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Also they aren’t that dissimilar in skills. Jing Wang is only one off your guy in Ring Generalship, matches him in TKO and has a decent defence…

Sure others here will have views on this.

Our best advice is to never make fights like this that are simply too close for comfort. Your guy could only ever be considered at best a 60pc chance probably not even that…

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He has 18 punch power and your man has 5 chin. Cmon man, surely you can see why that’s a bad match up :slightly_smiling_face:

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In my opinion you want your fighters to have at least 15 chin, and at least 11 for takes punishment and on the canvas. This is absolutely vital for me. Anything less and your risking these kinds of knockouts. Think Amir Khan. All the skills in the world is nothing if you can’t take a punch.


“Out of nowhere” lol. Man’s got an Amir Khan chin!


Hilarious how Amir Khan is everyone’s go to example for a boxer having no chin :joy:

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It’s horrible thing to say but Amir Kahn has had some comical ko’s. Can’t remember who it was but think is was first time he got k.I’d he looked like fish out of water the way he was flapping about.

It was Prescott. When he did his wee dance when cracked on his chin! Huge upset at the time.