Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara

Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara: This fight is for the WBA Featherweight belt, which is currently Leigh Wood’s. I do think that Wood will hang onto his belt. He has stated that he wants to take it to Lara early, and I think that that’s a good strategy. ‘Bronco’ Lara is also a fast starter, but hasn’t really been in a fight against a game fighter in later rounds. Wearing him down could prove to be a winning formula for Wood, who I think has the better gas tank. Of course, with two aggressive starters, the fight could end early. Official Prediction: Leigh Wood via KO/TKO round 8

Dalton Smith vs Billy Arlington: ‘Thunder’ Smith taking a step backwards in competition in my opinion with this Arlington fight, but he remains consistent in trying to pace his way to local superstardom by slashing through the local circuit. Arlington is far from anything impressive, and I’m a huge fan of Smith. I don’t see this fight being close, or long. Official Prediction: Dalton Smith via KO/TKO round 2

Gary Cully vs Wilfredo Flores: Don’t know anything about Flores, but Hearn won’t put his undefeated local stars-in-the-making at any real risk at the level that Cully is at. And I do like Cully, but come on. An unknown, 11-fight guy against your young-ish guy who’s been making great strides up the levels of competition, so much so that he may even be in the rankings conversation with another step-up victory? Come on, man. 2 step-back fights for both Smith and Cully. Not what you want to see. Official Prediction: Gary Cully via UD

Kieron Conway vs Jorge Silva: Kieron Conway takes, you guessed it, huge step back in competition, going from giving ‘Ammo’ Williams his best test yet to fighting a 39 year old who has beat just one man with a winning record since 2012 (look it up). And that guy was 3-2-0. He’s Portuguese, which is cool, and I don’t like to bet against my fellow countryman. (Ish. I’m pure, 100% Portuguese but have lived in the States my whole life). But there’s no shot that this guy beats Conway. Official Prediction: Kieron Conway via KO/TKO round 3

The rest are prospects that I don’t a) know much/anything about or b) fights that I don’t car about.

I’m 15-5 on predicting this year (15-4 on boxing. 0-1 on UFC). Here’s to going 4-0 on Saturday

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For me Lara is savage and in my eyes we will see ko/tko i second half of fight. Lara 7-12.

As you said, this weekend will be fighting lot of prospects, nothing very big. Here is my choice

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I like Lara too. I just think Wood will beat him.

Lara probably beats any of the other Featherweight champs in my opinion (Foster, Navarrete, Lopez)

I fancy Lara to knock him out to be honest. Hope I’m wrong though. Wood a strange one, really only a handful of great performances and he is getting on as well. Really looking forward to this one.

Yes very much looking forward to this fight. Thank god for some actual action!

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3-1 on the afternoon card, 0-4 on specific outcomes. Not a bad outcome