Let’s talk about trainers

As a rule I always go with trainers with ‘good training ability’ and ‘excellent in developing potential and talent’. I will sacrifice other stats to yellow as long as these 2 are in green. My thinking being that these stats contribute to improving your boxers stats more.

But do they? This is a hard one to judge just by playing the game. Is there a difference in development if you have these stats in yellow? Does it affect attribute points at all?

Everything matters :slight_smile: How big that difference is in terms of effect is a weird one.

It’s in many ways like the effect of fight strategies. Until you’ve experimented and can see the actual, repeatable, yet subtle effect of the strategies it’s easy to think that they don’t do anything.

Once you work it out then they have huge effect at the right time.

Figured so. Just wanted to hear it from the horses mouth lol. Iv not experimented with poor trainers, as that would just be stupid eh :joy:. But hey way I pick them has always worked for me.

And on the topic of good tactics.

Given the increased imperative in the current game to build up Box Office we’ve been increasing starting to understand the use of Plant Your Feet as an absolutely awesome tactic to employ (again right time, right fighter) to get a KO and the higher chance of receiving the larger Box Office increase.

Great wee tip that. I still normally stay clear of tactics. Just takes me a bit too much out the game world in terms of realism. Said it many times though, one of the great things about this game is you can play it your own way.

We view the tactics than being no more than a strong manager/promoters word in the trainer’s ear… :wink:

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I think as your gym gets more established you should get chance to sign better trainers. Had a couple of saves where gym is known around world but only crap trainers available. It’s nowt massive, only happened a couple of times.

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Trainers needs a huge overall.

Like making them retire.
And die.

And generally get more visible in the game.
Also want cutmen to appear.

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I think with trainers, the actual set up isn’t too bad. A bit like fight strategy, it’s there if you want it but if you can’t be bothered then it wont effect game play too much.

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Yeah, but then you discover the power of Plant Your Feet :slight_smile:

:joy::joy:. I say I don’t bother with fight strategies but when boxers is high in rankings, if they have opponent hurt I do use plant your feet.

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