Lineal Champion

Think this would be a nice addition. Be easy enough for the game to track - the man who beats the man. This would soften the blow when you need to drop belts to get a fight. The boxer would still have the Lineal title attached to their name.


Yeah we have this down for something to solve that.

Be very cool with game records and more history…:wink:

Assumed it would be on your list :sunglasses: A lot of people dismiss the lineal thing, purely to rubbish Fury’s achievements. But Iv watched loads of fights from the 70s and 80s where it is mentioned.

Yeah I never get the distain.

Always thought of it as the Linear rather than lineal (which I’m not a fan of)…

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Call it what you want my man. Just get it added :joy::joy:


:joy:. Cheeky git. Made me laugh though.

Haha IM knows I’m just messing. I hope :flushed::joy:

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Not been blocked yet so keep it up. :joy:

Haha I’m having a few beers watching the Scotland game. I’m just a typical cheeky Scottish b***** :joy::joy:

Scots man having a few beers? Didn’t know that was possible. Thought it was a sesh or nowt? Mums side of family are Glaswegian so had a “few beers” with Scots before.

Lol well it’s early doors so who knows eh :joy:

Good idea mate would be a class feature

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