Little bug in rankings

When you go on the rankings, and then you click on the pound for pound rankings, you can’t filter anything in p4p rankings such as who is undefeated. In addition, I feel that it is too harsh to cap signing undefeated fighters to only those that are 2-0 or less.


Yes the P4P list being just 20 fighters we didn’t add the filters.

Regarding the other point. Interested to hear your view. Harsh in what context?

Harsh in the form that we can’t really sign upcoming stars on even at 5-0 ish at all or fighters ranked in the top 10. I feel that if you are a promoter in the game that promotes champions, you should be able to sign champions, to upcoming rising stars, eg - Eddie Hearn

I’d quite like to be able to sign fighters who are undefeated with more than 2 fights as well cause if they have more than 2 fights undefeated I can’t sign them but then if they take a loss I can sign as long as they aren’t ranked to high so I think it would be quite good to be able to sign a unbeaten prospect with about 10-15 fights instead of 2 fights and it wouldn’t make the game any easier cause as I said if they take a loss then I can sign them

I like it like that. But I tend to concentrate on only signing new boxers coming through.