Little help understanding things

Hello! I’m having a great time and have been playing the game since a year ago or so but on and off. I just have a couple of question about some more general things that I failed to find in the manual.

First off what is the black division supposed to be? The one with (-) not WBA or IBF but the blacked out one that always seems to have cans on the top of the list?

How accurate is the matchmaking percentage? Let’s say I got 20 chance to win but the guy has 1 chin and my guy has 20x20 power and accuracy…. Chances would be a near 100% knock out, would there be categories for percentages? Like a percentage to draw, get a split decision, lose on lack of stamina, taking punishment and whatever stats you might be lacking in?

Why does fighting cans in the bottom of the list boost your rankings quicker? I get you can make more highlight reels and is that it? Does matching with your own number only help you so much but knocking out cans boost box office = rank?

Another problem is I thought that to unify or etc everyone needs to have the ranking to qualify for the belt, but one time I had two belts and vacated one and had got dropped to #40 rank but was able to fight for the same belt later because the opponent could fight for the belt that I had and had the belt I just vacated and so I was at #40 WBO or WBF (the green one) and fought for the belt belt after vacating.

And some ideas from me, cancelling contract should have more punishment I think, like maybe losing some IP? Or some kind of manager reputation, like honest or crook manager. Rematch clauses, and maybe trying to overturn a decision after a fight if you feel it is unfair, which could obviously make your score even worse if you were favoured already but lost, all menial ideas of a few things I thought of while playing but tbh I just can’t wait to get some features from the ringside added to boxing manager like making shows and seeing the number of fans that a fighter has.

Thank you everyone!

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Black ranking is your RING Magazine ranking. So it tends take the 10 best in the division and rank them. To win the RING belt I’m pretty sure it has to be a bout with the top 2 RING ranked fighters

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