Looking for when starting

Im at the stage to were i pick my first fighters what should i look for at this stage

Look for as much green as you can, especially punishment and boxing skills

Ring generalship, punishment and chin are my most important stars. Ideally you want all to be at least 15.

Ring generalship is the stat in which fight odds are calculated. So that will give you an idea how important that stat is. But even if he has 20 Ring Gen, low chin and punishment will likely mean he is knocked out sooner than later.

Should add that when you start of, getting a boxer with 15 on all those stats is rare. I will take boxers with 11 stat points for some of them, if he has enough potential points to enable him to reach those stats.

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After establishing 5/6 fighters with good(ish) enough stats to get a title ie ring generalship 15+, chin 15+, I’ll set my search results to 15+ in all categories, if I don’t get any results I’ll drop the power to 10. I’ll also check fighter types to see who they can fight well against, often aiming for atleast three in the green. For example I’ll find a boxer with amazing stats but if they can’t fight anyone well I won’t sign them.
Roughly every 20 ish weeks I’ll pick someone up.
As said above potential is very important, further into the game I’ll use IP to get fighters stats up.
Hope this helps

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Edit to the above…
That search would be after having a champ in your gym, which widens your search to your region

I thought he said he was at the original pick your youth prospects stage no? Where it only says things like ‘Good Skills’ ‘Hard as nails’.

One thing I’ve never fully worked out is how to know if a fighter has potential of not before you sign them?

I’ve been working on the theory it has something to do with dedication and intelligence, but I have no firm evidence for this

You don’t. Need to just take the gamble.