Lopez vs Campa!

Fight week for a bout no one seems to care about. Honestly I’m more looking forward to seeing some of the prospects in the undercard than the main event. Especially Troy Isley and Xander Zayas, I like both of them a lot. But the main event? Cherry Pick of the year.

Lopez by early round TKO/KO

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Yeah this fight ain’t it at all eh. Totally forgot about it.


That card was a waste of an evening. Lopez took care of business but against a C-level guy in Campa he needed to look dominant. But people are already saying that Teo is back as a top-tier fighter. Let him fight someone even remotely relevant before saying he’s a top dog again.


Total waste of an evening…

And nothing to say one way or another whether Lopez is back or not.

Absolutely pointless eh. And the way they are going on about it you would think he beat Roberto Duran reincarnated :joy:


I stayed up for it! Wasted my sat night and Sunday then that put me in a bad mood on Monday. Haha