Losing Fighters issue

I love the game but I wish they would add a feature or some sort of warning when your fighter is on the last fight of his contract. I accidentally lose fighters all the time because they win easily so I schedule them again right after their fight (forgetting it was the last fight on their contract). It is especially annoying when the fighter is undefeated so I can’t resign them, even when their relationship is perfect. I would love a quick warning message that tells you its the last fight on their contract before you officially book it, or just allow the player to extend fighters even when they have 1 fight left. It would even help if you had the option to resign the fighter directly after they finish a contract so you can use all the fights on their contract without losing them.

Is this not already part of the game…

Pretty sure there’s a email and blue icon on display to indicate the last fight on contract.


You do get a warning, the little box beside your fighters name on the front screen warns you when you have 2 fights left on the contract.

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