Losing your first fight

Just had the rare event of decent boxer losing his first fight. Got beat by a guy who had a 1-15 record :joy::joy:. Lesson is not to fight a Mexican in your first fight.

I’m going to do a Bernard Hopkins with this guy though and lead him to World Champion.

Not complaining by the way, just posting as thought it might be an interesting topic to see if I can lead a guy who lost his first fight to champion. Will update his progress.

punching powerrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ha very true mate . Was kinda risky. Though 16 power is usually safe-ish. Regardless, with 3 ring generalship your thinking that guy can hardly walk never mind fight :joy::joy::joy:

Was just one of those freak results. My man knocked him out easily in a rematch and is now sitting with a 7-1 record

Weirdly had exactly the same happen last night.

Never lose fights normally in that way (only the big ones) and first fight of new test game and bang my Featherweight prospect Ko’ed on his debut in round 3. Absolute shocker!!! He’s 9-1(8) now though :wink:

Yeah mine is now 11-1. I kind of like it though. The Bernard Hopkins and Johnny Nelson affect. Gives a new challenge and will make winning a title more rewarding.

My defeat was down to simple laziness/carelessness in matchmaking. Thought I knew it all etc… Then gave a kid with no chin some grizzled old guy with nothing left but his punch for his first taste of the ring. :slight_smile:

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I had a fighter in my last save and he go k.o’d twice in first 10 fights. It didn’t effect his career at all. He went on to have another 30+ fights and never lost. When he go k.o’d, then next fighter I tried to fight someone in similar position to opponent who knocked him out then managed to get another fight So I could avenge the loss.

I don’t mind a loss. Like the idea of a rematch and a bit of rivalry. Props for another Scottish champion there too mate :joy:

@IronMike Something Iv been meaning to ask. Is there a hidden confidence/momentum type stat? Just I notice your next fight after a loss is normally a tough one regardless of who you pick…

I was so close to scrapping game and restarting but glad I didn’t. He won all belts at 3 different weights. He was a beast. Only restarted cos am sick to death of getting Scots.:joy::joy:.
It made me feel a lot better managing to get rematches and knocking them out.:joy:.
Just got a good American lad and he has had 3 fights and won all 3 in 1st round. Never had this before.

The rage after you lose an easy fight is real :joy::joy:. It’s like FIFA rage. Iv been close to scrapping a game due to it many a time. I’m glad these upsets happen though. I always avenge it with a rematch. Amazing how satisfying that is :joy:

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There are a few hidden attributes kicking around in there. Responding to Defeat/Bounceback could be one of them :slight_smile:

If you won every fight it would be boring. You need some shocks especially in l.h and h.w.
Even if you have 20 chin and 20 canvas, if your opponents has 20 power and 20 acc then a k.o should happen every so often.

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Ha I thought so. Have been tripped up with that in the past.

I had the exact same thing. Best flyweight prospect I’ve ever had on here. Everything was in the green bar chin (8) and power (11). 85% chance of winning, knocked out in first round against a guy who only had 6 power!

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Glass jaws are the one of the worst things… Even a powder puff puncher (and an “8” isn’t even that bad…) can screw up a career path.

… Amir Khan instantly springs to mind

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My man did it. World Champ after losing that first fight.