Love this Game (suggestions)

Hello just signed up to say i really like this game its a brilliant time waster, (spending hours on end) and I would like to give some suggestions

  1. Unexpected Events (I think unexpected events should happen such as a relative dying, depression etc should be added to the game and force the current boxer to temporary retirement )
  2. I feel like if your gym has a good reputation I feel like you should be able to discuss pre contracts with other fighters signed to other gyms after their contract is over and potentially get some good fighters.
  3. I think there should be some sort of contract discussion menu which goes into specific details about sponsorships and stuff etc.

Thank you for reading


Totally agree with your 2 point
Been able to convince other champion or great fighter to join your gym after their contract up should be a must have

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Thanks for playing and thanks for posting.
Good points well made.:slight_smile:

The first is always of interest but, as when we prototyped fighter deaths these things need careful consideration…

Nice ideas. The first one has been discussed before. I quite like the idea of deaths, drug bans etc. very controversial though. Not to everyone’s tastes I would think, especially with how offended people can get :grinning:

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It’s also plain upsetting when it happens (as it did for us to one of our fighters). Fight injury, hospital for two weeks then unfortunately death. Very odd gaming experience to put it mildly…

Yeah I can imagine that. Really not sure how I would feel about it.

Thinking about it, that may just be a step too far into realism. Could also result in bad press.

It’s just a depressing way to play a game.
We had a guy we built him up. One evening playing he died.
It was genuinely shocking in a way that we hadn’t counted on.
Not great. And like you say, not a great advert for anything or anyone…

More life events and stuff maybe just not that one. :slight_smile:

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