Making fights against your own fighters...?

Unless it’s a world title fight, we think this sucks. Like really sucks in many ways.

What do others think? We know that it’s useful but really, morally, what do we think? :wink:

I have had to do that several times.

I don’t like it as it effects your stats and demoralises your fighters as someone has to win.

But with no challengers you need to make your own… lol

Mmm I tend to agree. What makes it a bit silly is that they have the same trainer. Which obviously could never happen.

Sure we have mentioned this before. But I think inter promotion fights are obviously fine, but the should probably have to be in different gyms.

Perhaps you could also move fighters between gyms, so if you did want to match them you would need to do that.

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I like being able to match my fighters against one another and that happens plenty in real life plus I like trying to fast track my fighters to a title shot that’s one of my favourite things to do if I get a good fighter and you can only do that by matching them with you’re own fighters who are ranked further up but I do agree that you probably shouldn’t be able to match them if they are in the same gym so it would be good to have something to be able to move one of you’re fighters to one of you’re other gyms cause if you let one fighter go you wouldn’t be able to sign them back unless they lost a few fights and fell down the rankings

This moving fighters to other gyms sounds like a good idea to me. In some previous postsits been mentioned about boxers personality’s coming through more. So if f 2 boxers in gym don’t get on then moving gym will solve that problem also make it better for putting fighters in the same stable in the ring. :+1:

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I love the fact @Tony82 is looking to solve problems he hasn’t caused yet:)

We will start simple and see what happens. Maybe moving gym is the solution. Maybe it’s tough shit as it’s the manager they will be pissed with in some contexts.

We will put up the beta and look at data and comments, as we say, at present the only effect will be on contact cancellation.

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I think arranging fights between your own fighters has its place in the game. On occasion, I like it. I think it can be strategically interesting to do that.

I’d prefer it if each gym could have more than one trainer, and fighters are assigned to trainers by the player.

I think the two restrictions I would put in place when organizing fights between your own fighters, are (1) they have to have different trainers, and (2) there is a limit on how many times a manager can arrange fights within a gym or between gyms owned by the manager.

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Between gyms seems fine.

Fighters from the same gym seems to cross the line…