Making money in boxing manager

Every game I start i end up becoming incredibly broke. Any tips on making money?

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Hi sorry to hear that.

Describe what happens as best you can:)

Someone will no doubt jump in but slow and cautious and always matchmake well.

Also assume you’re using the most up to date version… there’s a couple of recent ones that play a bit too tough but even our taste. Anything from 1.02.00 onwards is cool in our opinion.

Think the main things in first 3 years of game is don’t spend any money improving gyms, only sign fighters who look like they will be “elite’ boxers. It’s very rare in first 3 years I have more than 2 boxers as am that fussy who I sign and in general when I win first world title that I start to sign more.


Top advice.
Play it sensible and as you would in real life starting from nothing.
Don’t expand too quick, if at all, make fights that your guys can’t lose…:slight_smile:

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Risky, but I sometimes bet big early on with some fights. Especially works if you have a boxer that can jab and move / go to the body - accurate puncher against someone with similar ring generalship but low stamina and not high defensive characteristics

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