Mandatory Challenger concept

So many times we get our fighters to number 1 but the title holders are all busy and it’s a 16 week wait!


You’ve finally got to Number 1, after your very next fight assuming you win, once you click Next Fight, you will have the option to select the governing body you are ranked 1 in and ACTIVATE MANDATORY.

To make it a little more simple this can only become available when the current champion has no fight scheduled otherwise it can get a little messy but this would still be a huge help because the amount of times you see a champion not become available for you even though they have no fight scheduled then they go and take somebody else and then it’s another 16 week wait!

Sometimes you can be Number 1 in your 16th fight yet it’s not till your 30th fight you finally get the opportunity.

I think I read somewhere that this is potentially being added eventually but I’m not sure in what fashion I just thought this version of a mandatory option would be a nice simple addition instead of anything too confusing.

So in a simple summary

ACTIVATE MANDATORY becomes available for your fighter after they are victorious in their next bout whilst being in the #1 spot. It will appear as an option in Next Fight when you sort by the governing body and the current champion is currently without a fight. Once clicked you will instantly be taken to the fight camp screen surpassing the agree terms option so maybe have set fees for a mandatory bout. The fighter receives 20% of what the current champions purse usually is.

Having a 20% mandatory purse would be a great incentive early game to challenge the more prestigious champion for that financial reward also.

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I do think it would be a decent addition. However an issue would be that the same rule would apply to other boxers in the game world. Which could potentially be counter productive and actually mean you need to wait longer for a title fight.


What about if Mandatory activations are say 4 week bouts? Another thing I would like to see which would allow you to hold onto Undisputed a lot longer instead of having to drop a belt would be that you don’t have to be ranked in all governing bodies like real life. As long as you are mandatory in one of them it will allow you to defend the belts against that number 1 opponent, example - Usyk Dubois scenario via WBA but he will challenge for all 3 titles regardless of the other rankings.

Like I say, I’m not against it. Just think there are a load of issues there that would need solved. What if the champ was undisputed, that’s 4 mandatories that would need fought first. Then you lose a fight, and suddenly someone else has your mandatory position. Just saying that instead of making it easier to get a title fight, this could mean the opposite.

Have to say I quite like the way undisputed works. Very few boxers hold undisputed for long. Belts are almost always dropped. I feel the way it is brings an element of realism. I may be in the minority with that though and wouldn’t complain if it was changed.

One thing I would like to see added is world championship eliminators. Not for every fight. But perhaps if you have held a high ranking position for ages without a title fight you could request an elimination fight from a federation. Then you would have a guaranteed title fight if you won. Which wouldnt be easy as it would be against a top 5 fighter of their choice (just as an example)

Yeah I see your point on how it may in fact take longer and could become very confusing with multiple mandatories being called

Maybe the concept only applies to you as the Human player rather than the whole game world?

What about if the game calls the mandatory themselves. So when you go to rankings it will say number 1 contender, then weeks till mandatory challenge meaning whoever is in number 1 spot at the arrival of a certain date will be able to activate a mandatory challenge. If a champion is unhealthy and unable to defend the belt they may have to vacate just like we see sometimes in real life. There would obviously have to be a formula in place so the orgs don’t all line up.

That leads me on to another point I would most certainly like to see Vacant titles be a thing as I’m not a fan of random AI receiving belts giving them the Former Champ title. Creates far too many underserving champions.

Boxing irl is pretty crazy in that there is not one set of rules for all. Everyone plays by their own rules and it’s normally political (WBC favouring Mexicans for example). So yeah mandatories could be random. I’m just not sure it’s needed or would be an improvement.

Yeah vacant belts would be a good addition I agree. Though the vacant regional belts sometimes cause issues still with the multiple champs bug. So that would all need ironed out first.

Oh most certainly not a necessity for the game just more a perk to us having a mandatory option in game however the vacant titles I think would most definitely be a good addition and fairly simple to construct since it’s already a option at Regional level. Assuming of course the duplication isn’t a issue.

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I had an undisputed. So. I dropped iBF, so I could get another fight. They dropped my IBF rank to 41. I still can’t get a fight. In 36 mos as undisputed I could only get one fight. And now it’s been seven more months. I’m not going to go up a weight, but should I drop more belts. I’m losing out on multi million dollar matches.
Jack Dumpster

WBC top 2
WBA top 3
IBF top 5
WBO top 7 these are rankings to get title fights. So If u you had all 4 belts you can only fight someone who is ranked in all 4 organisations.