Matchmaking After Title Wins

Morning all!

Huge fan of the game, been playing for a while and just upgraded to the 16 weight game!

Hoping for some advice, I’m running in to problems with matchmaking once I unify belts, particularly now that there is 4.

Often find that whenever I want to make a fight I’d need to vacate 2 or even 3 belts, and I try to wait for the challengers to arrange fights between themselves to increase rankings but they seems once they get in to contention for a title fight they don’t make any fights and can sit for more than 10 weeks without making fights.

Would welcome any tips around this!



Inevitably the introduction of the 4th title has made undisputed fights harder to make.

What the game needs to improve at is telling players in this situation more context with why fighters do or don’t want to fight. There’s a lot going on under the covers to make the game as realistic as possible and more context in this situation and others like it are clearly needed.

That sounds great, thanks for getting back to me!

That would definitely be welcomed - personally nowhere near the most knowledgeable about boxing in real life, I just love the game!

Just finding it hard to balance vacating titles and not losing money on fights etc.

Had one contender sit and not schedule a fight for like 40 weeks so far now!