Maybe considering retiring

Can someone explain why I lost to a Belgian when I had a 55% chance of winning and he had a 45% chance of winning and he had low ring generalship compared to my stats I should’ve won the first fight we had but I ended up getting TKO for some reason and then in the second fight I won in round 9 by TKO Does it have to do something with the trainer because if so might have to fire him and find a better coach if not guess it’s time to hang up my gloves at 29 and wait for the Retirement system update come out

That’s the beauty of boxing. Expect the unexpected. If I remember rightly Ruiz jr was 30/1 odds to ko Joshua. So if you put that in game percentage he would have probably had 10-20% chance of winning.

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Because you’re guy has had tons of fights and we do try to make it as realistic as possible.
Fights age fighters.

This is actually a question of whether we explicitly show the ageing of a fighter in the attributes. We haven’t (obviously) but we can and it’s something we actively discussed a lot by team.

Interested in views.

Personally I would like the stats to decline on screen if they have behind the scenes, but that they should only change immediately after fights

It makes sense to me that you would only really know where a fighter was after seeing him in a bout, rather than it being a gradual deterioration


We tend to agree.
We show a very small number of changes in real time there are lots that are applied to the fighter’s ratings. We will look again at this.

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And having looked quickly again and can see the reason why (it’s to do with how the in game contract values work at various points). Let us think about this. There’s always a way :slight_smile:

Huge upsets happen in the real world so of course they should also happen in this game too. Boxings like that. 1 punch can end a fight regardless of stats.

@IronMike I would like to see an update along with the retirement system and 2 states Saying how many years of the fighter staying in his prime and how many years he should be in the ring for so for instance he could have a 25 year prime and a 35 year career before retiring