Maybe, just maybe

Do you guys think you can add on scouts for our gyms. And every 2-4 weeks they report to us the top prospects we can sign?:eyes::eyes:


It would be cool.

We have a busy plan for the year with LOTS to come and some big changes to boot. This would be a cool addition. As ever the more people ask for the same update and the more likely it is that is comes to the game sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

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Y’all are awesome man!! Keep up the good work💪🏾

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@IronMike not sure if you have it already or not but couldn’t you devote a section of the community to new feature requests that can be upvoted by the community which then will help you guys know what is most wanted and will us know what to expect and what’s already been asked and what’s most popular ?

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That’s a good idea if for no other reason so that we don’t have to keep count all the time :slight_smile:

It’s not direct functionality but we are looking at how to do this.

I think the whole new boxers being offered every 4 weeks needs a bit of a refresh. It just becomes routine to check every 4 weeks and too easy to get the best talent.

I like the idea of some kind of scouting mechanic.


I agree with all the above but just to add to it. Every 4 years you got a list with some outstanding prospects that had got Olympic pedigree. Maybe a gold,silver, bronze medal side of name so you know they are Olympic winners. If your gym is known around the world you can sign some gold winners from any country. If gyms just known local then bronze winners from the country where your original gym is located.


Hey bro that’s awesome lol. Great thinking

Stick it up on here as a feature request and see what others think;)

If I could figure out how to do it I would pal. Haha

Make a new topic/post

Set its category as IOS Feature Request.

That’s it:) .

I suggested the Olympic thing back last summer. Here was what I suggested. Think it would be class….

But personally I would love the youth/amateur side of the game looked at. Iv dropped some ideas on this in the past. Basically as well as the current system, the player also has some amateurs offered through there own gym each year (FM does this). And attach banners to the best kids coming through. One Olympic champ every 4 years per weight. Several Olympians per weight every 4 years. 1 amateur world champion per weight every year. If your lucky one of these comes through your gym.

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Are you going to put it to vote pal. Your much more articulate than me. Haha.

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We’d do it but we’re head down in some cool but complicated stuff so aren’t voting for anything we aren’t already working on at the moment :wink:

Haha I will give it a bash tomorrow mate. Out for a wee pint watching the fitba.

A wee pint. Haha. I have been to Scotland numerous times and got Scottish family. I know full well you will end up on a sesh.

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