Mexico / Scotland dominance

Thought I would post this as it’s a bit of a strange scenario. My current PfP list is completely dominated by those boxing powerhouses of Mexico and erm … Scotland.

All the Scots are in my stable and are champions. That’s not a huge surprise really as I buy any half decent Scots and try to turn them into champions. Some started of poor, but with the right matchmaking and training adjustments it’s always possible.

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Ok, that’s plain weird! You have special skills!

Time to put a “Jock Block” in place to get this back to more realistic levels :wink:

Ha you can sure try, but Iv even made a superstar out of this dubious talent…

We wouldn’t even dream of it!

Matchmaking is the name of the game… :slight_smile:

It sure is. Especially with an 11 chin and punishment like that guy above. He is a bigger over achiever than Ricky Burns!

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