Minor Issues and Ideas

A few minor points noticed when first playing the latest version…(8th August)…

  1. Although I start the game with 1 million (I think players start the game way too wealthy…this makes the game too easy)…the first boxer I signed had great stats…seems unrealistic for someone starting out in the boxing world…

  1. When arranging a fight some “available” fighters are not available…

  1. During fights it would be great to have a button called “Ask coach for suggestion” or something along those lines, and a “Apply Suggestion” button.

The same can be said for the training section. I think an option to delegate training plan and in fight instruction to the coach would be good - some players may wish to focus on promotions and business, while others may want more involvement in coaching l, training and ringside instructions. The ratings of the coach can impact the quality of their suggestions and/or decisions.

  1. What is the significance of the red and green colors used in the boxes below? If it is meant to correlate with fitness, it doesn’t - and could be a bug. Perhaps I have missed something, but I didn’t notice why they are sometimes red and sometimes green.


  1. I think the rankings (when comparing fighters) are very hard to read. They need to be clearer. See picture below…(iPhone SE)

  1. I think at the very least it would be good to have a coach and a cut person. I think a specialist cut person for higher ranked fighters is realistic. A coaching team rather one coach would be good to help add depth to the experience.

  2. A few thoughts for the future. I know it takes time to consider and implement everything players suggest, but I’ll just quickly mention again here a few thoughts in case new users didn’t read older posts…
    I think the game needs more characters/personalities. In real life we have Tyson Fury, Wilder, Prince Naseem, Chris Eubank, and so many others with intriguing attitudes, personalities and characters. As well as having more personalities, I think serious rivalries, fighter preferences and media influences are needed to convert the numbers and codes in the game into an exciting world players can escape into. Feels too easy right now, and I don’t think the fighters have any personality - they are currently just a set of stats.

Negotiations need a revamp too. I haven’t received an offer from any other manager/promoter. I also am powerless when a fighter wants more money. I have very few options - despite them signing a contract. Maybe a legal team is needed! Needs to be more negotiations and options to do deals.

Great game, looking forward to seeing how this develops. Great stuff.

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Another issue…
I opened a gym in Taiwan. I know that boxing isn’t huge in Taiwan, but after many weeks I still cannot recruit a trainer or sign any fighters. There are zero trainers or fighters to choose from. Upgrading the gym doesn’t seem to help.

Would be great if the news page could have some extra buttons allowing the player to see only news that relates to the category. E.g. heavyweight news only; training news only; rankings news only; etc.

How about adding a rematch clause in title fights. This could be one of many things added to contract negotiations.

Great set of posts.
We will post a more thorough reply when we’re finishing with our work for the day.

Thanks for the time spent in making those points.