MMA's Version of 'The Contender'

The Ultimate Fighter, a show run by the UFC in a fairly similar light to the once popular boxing reality show The Contender, will debut its 31st season tonight with coaches Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler taking center stage. Will anyone be watching? I know that this is a boxing forum, but I’m curious.

  • Yes I’ll Watch
  • No I won’t

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And yes, this will serve as my weekly post with fights for the week. THERE IS NO GOOD BOXING ON THIS WEEK, nothing worth watching which sucks because there was a decent number of good cards last weekend an absolutely nothing this weekend. UFC has a pretty solid Fight Night card this Saturday but I won’t solely post that on here since it’s, again, a boxing-central forum.

I may do. I see it’s going to be on BT Sports over here so nice and easy to watch. A boxing version of this would be great.

Agreed I loved the Contender. I’m 20 years old but watched that show when I was small and Sergio Mora has been among my favorite fighters all time ever since, hence the username. Would love to see a boxing version of this again but MMA has been getting more of my attention of late and this is just another win in their favor.

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