More beginner advice

Hey, so i have recently downloaded and have started a standard game (start with 500k)

I have 4 fighters with a gym record of 10-0-1
I have built my funds up to 3million just from betting.

Where would you invest this or keep finding 65-75% win percentage fights and build this up?

Question on amatuers… would you sign them? I assume usual chin/resiliance and generalship main stats to look out for?

Money wise you are sorted. I don’t ever bet, so at start of game I don’t get that kind of money until I get a champ. What’s your trainer like? If he’s poor then maybe upgrade him.
I would concentrate on getting fights fired off now. Try get your boxers some belts. Once you get a champ you make money fast and then start upgrading gym.
I only sign amateurs who have a few greens, ring generalship and resistance are main things. I go through and look at them at start of every year.

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Cheers Tony
Do i need to upgrade/add another gym or concentrate on the 6 fighters i have?

I would just concentrate on the gym you have. Upgrading it a bit would be ok. Don’t go crazy and blow all your money though. Running costs of gym go up when you start upgrading and expanding.