More detailed scorecards?

Just wondering if there’s ever been any desire or plans to put in more detailed scorecards (i.e round by round) at the end of fights.

Just had a few strange decisions and thought it would be fun to be able to see the actual round by round scorecards instead of just the total.



We add things as we get the requests in :slight_smile:
Some big things coming up this week but let’s see who gets onboard in asking for this.
More fight stats in general would be cool :slight_smile:

Yeah I like this idea too. The more stats the better.

I have also had some close decisions where I wanted to see where the judges scored it different. Would be a great addition

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I would definitely be onboard with round by round scores. a few i’ve had before have been a bit dodgy so would like to see the logic behind it

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Ha :slight_smile:
We’d say (in the context of what we’re simulating) they are remarkably undodgy and in fact quite conservative. Rarely is the much in the way of disagreement and mostly when one fighter is OP on Aggression. That can and does sway the odd judge.

TBH If we went full realism on scorecards then this forum and the reviews would be full of nothing but complaints of us fixing things :slight_smile: !!!

We will look at showing those at some point.

We have some big things underway and just released before we go back to the fight screens. We would like to save all fight data to the results as well so that every fight and full stats but potentially even replayed which would be super cool :slight_smile:

Having dodgy score cards is an absolute must!! Pretty much every show irl has a dodgy result. I love the fact it’s reflected in the game.

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