More fighters in game

Is there any chance of women boxers being in the game

The problem with women’s boxing is it has such low popularity. I’d imagine that this has been brought up on here before but it’s probably very low on the to-do list. I doubt women get added to the game for a long time, if ever. There are more pressing additions that’ll be prioritized.

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Yeah it’s been talked about loads. Truth is not many seem interested in it. Certainly I wouldn’t want it. Well not if it was forced anyway. No issues if it was an option. But I suspect if it was mandatory the game would actually lose players.

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Agreed that its a low priority. I’ve trained several female fighters over the years & they’re actually better to train than the boys as a whole. They listen a lot better & there’s no ego involved with them. When you get the right one that is very focused they make tough fighters. Hence why I’ve added a couple of my old female boxers in amongst my edited BMs lineup

The best/only way to get this added to the game will be to add this as an item in our Feature Request category and allow players to vote on it.
If people want it we will build it.

So in your game you have females fighting men? Can’t see that ever catching on irl haha


Just their names abbreviated to male names-Tay, Lou, Jess.

No need to start again with lady fighters Tho I did box someone called Karen :crazy_face: