More flexibility in weight change

I think it would be great to see more flexibility allowed when fighting at different weights. Fighters should be ranked at which ever weight they can make and be able to hold titles in all of those weights rather than being restricted to the weight you are in. In every modern day fighting game, you change weight, you vacate the belts. Shouldn’t be that way look at Henry cejudo. Canelo etc.

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I like this idea. Would need parts of the game redesigning I think. I’ve mentioned before that fighters could have a natural weight and moving too far up or down makes it harder to maintain / affects performance.

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I like the idea of being able to move up and down. Not sure about being ranked at other weights your not competing at though, can imagine data involved in that would be extremely messy.

Though I think there should be bigger stat changes when moving weight. Only the best should be able to move multiple weights.

Would also like to see weight movement going on with other boxers in the game world.

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Agree. Taking a lightweight to heavyweight should be close to impossible.


Fully agree with your comments lads. Just would be awesome to be unified across multiple weights. Admittedly you are holding up divisions but these things happen in real world. I don’t see canelo defending his light heavy belt. I’m trying to replicate mannys career on the game currently pushing a fighter to be an octo weight champ. I have 1 fighter currently as a 6 weight world champ 49-2 career. Going well.