More minor Titles

I would like to have many titles in the game and we can have regional championship, multi region championship, sub continental titles, European, African, American, Asia-Oceania and we can have tons of titles instead of just having regional titles which is just one title in the weight class apart from the world titles

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I for sure would like to see national belts. With the name game I think this would work really well with the new rank system. Since there is no longer organisation rankings outside the top 50 you never know where your fighter is ranked

Another idea would be to only have the regional belt linked to the org, for example IBF is associated with European rankings in game, maybe a WBC WBO WBA will have alternate belt options in their rankings.

Being British, it would be great to go the full old school route of, English, British, Commonwealth, European before going on to world honours.

Definitely needs the British Lonsdale belt. I’m not sure the regional belt is as highly regarded in other countries. But if it’s a space thing then they could at least have it for the bigger countries.

Maybe more national belts, America, Canada, Germany, Japan etc…

Fantastic idea, maybe even the ibo belt. Ebu belt and British commonwealth belt, Japan,USA etc all other belts. I think for undisputed fight. What will be good one will be wbc diamond champion.

Maybe even Adding WBO Inter-Continental, WBO International, WBA (Regular),