More variety is needed!

The game is great fun but after a while the only thing I’m using that’s keeping me entertained is the betting system as the game progresses it gets much more boring as you’re limited on what you see, when changing fighting styles it doesn’t feel like it matters, with this I’d have it say what both fighters, styles were after each round which is realistic because by the end of the round normally you’d know what their plan was for that round at least anyway, then changing fighting styles would actually feel more strategic than just random. Also from another boxing game I’ve played, mobile, they had two little dots to resemble your fighters and their movement I also think this is a good idea you could use and interpret a little to make you feel more involved in the fight rather just watching the punch number count up.

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This is really much more a fighting promotor game. The fighting styles are a nice addition for those that want it. Personally I don’t use it as it takes me out of the realism of being a promotor. But I tend to agree it could be more in depth for those that like that side of the game.


Thanks for the comments. We are always looking for ways to create better game longevity.

We aren’t sure about the dots model but agree that the fight screens could do with updating and enhancing engagement.

As you know we’re constantly updating the game so hopefully we’re always addressing the former and we will take a look at the latter :wink:


Restart game. I get bored when I have loads of champs and money. Best part of game is getting first belt with first person you signed, clearing up division then moving up a weight. Game becomes addictive after a restart.

The game I was referring to is called LEATHER lite.

Yea I don’t see how you guys get bored. I have 100 fighters. 2.7 billion dollars. In year 2048. What keeps me going is the young stars of my stable beating the older legends of my stable to build the youngsters resumé and also when my older/washed up fighters are losers vs the young cats, I love for them to get retired from an in house fight rather than someone outside the stable. And with me being from Louisiana USA, I’ve Been searching for the hot Star coming from my home state lol


Louisiana native here myself!