Most champs in stable

I have currently got 14 title holders all together. What’s most you have got in stable?
Challenge I have been trying to do for months is champ in every weight. But not managed it yet.

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I just accidentally deleted my save eairler the day mate am just waiting till these new titles come out until a make a new one :joy:

:joy: that’s unlucky pal.

How many Gyms do you have?

I’ve not had the game long but the most I’ve held at any one time is with 3 fighters. But not all undisputed. I’ve currently got 1 gym full at the minute so working towards world title fights. But have a fighter in each class. And trying to get a title in each too.

Got 8 gyms. Don’t normally get that many but got a bit giddy. :joy:

Haha. Must be a nightmare arranging fights constantly. Are they all full too?

No mate. Got a couple of gyms with only one or 2 fighters. Got about 50 fighters. Probably 40 that are worth keeping. Haha

That’s not too bad. I’ve only got the one gym for now. Might have to get some different gyms from different countries and see what the talent is like.

Good luck on trying to get all belts. It’s not going to be easy. I’ll let you know if I manage it too haha

If you get all belts before me I don’t want to hear it. :joy::joy: been trying for too long to get my nose rubbed in it. Haha.
Last few games I have started Mexico gym seems to be really strong stable.

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