Most number of title fights by a CPU fighter

What’s the highest number of title wins by someone you do not control? I’ve set myself a challenge to try and top this flyweight 23 wins! closest I’m at is 14 so far

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In my current game it’s is one of my guys with 14 title wins. That’s not all that many though. Seen people on here with 50+ title wins :joy:

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That’s crazy numbers, that surely can’t happen with the newest update though… players ratings seem to be going down more as they age

It’s easy to rack up a crazy amount of defences if you stick with just the WBO belt and choose the easiest fights. Even more so if you have good Cut Tendency stats.

But where is the fun in that. Certainly not how I play the game.


Got a guy to 68 title wins he ended up winning 116 fights

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