Movement through the weights

I am sure I have mentioned it before but I think allowing the AI boxers to move from weights would be such a cool feature. Obviously no easy way gone about this but has to be added in my opinion.

I also think you should have the option to go down a weight with some fighters.

Last thing I would like to see with weight movements is some sort of negative effect for going up a weight or going down. As is you can only go up and it’s way to easy for an amazing flyweight boxer to become a heavyweight champion. So unrealistic and needs work I think. Maybe after moving up 2-3 weights or even 1 should effect your stats in a major way(I know it can effect some stats but it’s still to easy).


I’m in favour of fighters having a natural weight that they don’t stray from too much. It would be good if moving too many weight divisions resulted in dramatic decrease in stats at that weight and/or failing to make the weight (then gym fines etc).

During training camp the fighter could have a starting weight and an end weight. If/how they meet the weight would depend on the length of the training camp, their dedication, and their natural weight.

Currently it seems too easy to move up multiple weight divisions. Not many fighters can do that.


We will look to make the change considerably more realistic over next release or so.