Moving down in weight

Will there ever be an option to drop down in weight? For example if I moved a fighter up and they didn’t do so well they could drop back down.

It is something many ask for… It’s just so unlikely to happen. Let us take another look.

I think it should be an option reserved for champions. You could hold your belts in two weight classes. Maybe make it a max of 1 in each to keep the game world advancing regularly. Not overly realistic in that way but still would be a cool option.

I think it should option for any top fighter even if the previously had titles in the weight bellow make it a option to go back down happens fair bit in real boxing would love this feature if added but I ain’t no programmer and don’t how hard this may be :joy:

It’s not about it being hard. It’s again just priorities. This versus another feature and we find that this one always gets outvoted by something else… :slight_smile:

I believe this feature would be great for those fighters who aren’t able to move up weight classes, maybe their team mate is champion or something.

Amazing game either way :relaxed:.