Moving fighters to another gym

I’d like to be able to move fighters from one of your gyms to another to get them to fight your fighter in the same gym as theirs


Add this to the Feature Request list and let’s get people adding their votes to this :slight_smile:
Good idea though with some form of consequences. Changing trainer effect etc.

Yeah agree with this idea. Though the gym would need to be at the appropriate level ie can’t move a top fighter to a gym with no reputation.

A nice addition could also be your boxers requesting to change trainer if they are on a bad spell etc (AJ style).


We like the idea and will do this. Just need to think of both positive and negative consequences which we have a good idea of.

Actually yeah I see both sides.

I’ve wanted to do this recently because in my last few games there have only really been the same 5 or 6 top ability coaches available - typically throughout the whole life of the game too.

Sometimes the new gym trainer looks better than the old One, so would be good to move them…

Separately how often are new gym trainers popping up in the latest version?

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Not sure of the top of the collective head but there’s definitely a dripped of new ones.

Fighters into trainers will appear soonish oncer we’ve dealt with some bigger game features :slight_smile:

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Nice. Yeah I should give more respect to the average trainer ers