Moving weight - some suggestions

Seems a logical progression to add natural weight and current weight to the fighter profile, + pre-fight weigh-ins.

Miss the weight = gym is fined.

Adding a natural weight can help determine:

  • how hard or long the fighter needs to train (fighter ‘determination’ attribute can also impact this);
  • how easy it would be to move weight and maintain the desired weight;
  • the predicted success at a new weight.

When moving weight I think there has to be bigger attribute changes in some cases. I’ve had a three weight world champion. His stats didn’t change very much when passing through the weight divisions, if at all.

Other stats…reach, height? These could be added too and used to help determine success during fights, and predicted success at a new weight.


Thanks for the suggestions. We so appreciate it.

More Weight moving functionality is on the agenda and with actual weight movement is something we will look at over the year if not immediately.

We (currently) think it makes more sense to introduce a fuller system when we approach the time for all the weight divisions being added to the game… :slight_smile: