Multiple champs and potential issues

Have I posted this bug into the wrong bit? Sorry getting confused with the forum.

I might be mistaken but seems 2 champions in the middle row

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Hi, we have seen this happen in a couple of places. Not sure why or how. If possible could you send the fight record screen for both De Carvalho and Jooga. Ie the run with the list of fights. As well as the same fight record screen for ei Jung Hwang.

There is clearly an issue but we’ve spent all afternoon trying to reproduce it. With your screenshots we should work it out.


There you go, sorry I played on a bit and the issue has resolved itself

Think we’ve worked out why it comes and then seemingly resolves itself.

No worries! I have noticed when you sign a new fighter you automatically get 20 potential! Kinda odd when you’ve signed a great fighter already.

In comparison with a fighter I had from the start:

Signed a few more and they’ve all had 19 or 20 potential

yeah we got that and fixed it. :slight_smile:

Contract screen doesn’t show unless I schedule a fight but I can’t because they want more money an I can’t give it to them


Can you send us a screenshot? Is the button vanishing due to space? can you let us know what device you are using. Thanks

And a iPhone 8

Ok, thanks. We will sort this out today and fix to apple asap


Not sure if you can remember but had any of your fighters changed weight in the game where these multiple champs appeared?

Still trying to isolate the issue…

No weight changes, haven’t done a weight change yet actually!

Ok. Just wondered as was seeing similar things there.

Has this issue remained/reappeared/resolved?

Hi ironMike I’ve had this issue as well from what I’ve noticed it’s that once the champ loses a fight sometimes he still keeps the belt and then it ends up making 2 champions for the same division

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If the game/fighter is still available can you send a screenshot of the fighter’s record (ie the one who lost but held the title)? No worries if not that’s helpful. :slight_smile: