Multiple Gym Problems

(Using iPhone SE)
Several problems appear to occur when opening a second gym.

  1. I created one gym in the UK, and another in the US. The UK gym said I had 3/4 fighters in the gym (I didn’t I had 4). The US gym said I had 1/2 in the gym (I didn’t, I had zero).
  2. In another game I created a gym in Taiwan. I upgraded it to a high level. I had zero fighters to choose from when trying to recruit fighters. I waited many, many weeks. This did not change.
  3. I cannot close a gym - this seems strange.

***Apologies - this refers to WTBM not the new version ‘Boxing Manager’.

Not sure if point 1 in original post still occurs in ‘Boxing Manager’ - I haven’t checked.

Problem 2 and 3 still occur in ‘Boxing Manager’.

1/ should be fixed…
3/ coming in 1.00.02 in next few days
2/ we’re looking at why