Multiple regional champ fix?

Posted a few weeks ago about a bug with multiple regional champs. I saw this in my lobby, i was wondering if this was a fix for that bug?

My Asia Featherweight and Flyweights have multiple champs while my Title page sees it as vacant. I cannot “unify” them, creating an infinite loop of new champs as contenders fight each other.

Thanks guys

In a previous game when I tried this, it reallocated all the titles of any world champ with multiple belts… Did this just fix the regionals, or did it lead to four different world champs in every weight class?

I didnt do it… im about 15 years in and was scared about what it would do to my game.
Was asking about what would happen if i did go ahead.


Ah - in that case don’t do it unless you are happy that every undisputed world champ will lost three belts, triple champ lose two belts, and double champ one!

Ok. We keep fixing this and keeps appearing.

We will get the amateurs update out in next few days and then add this as urgent to our bug release which will follow.