My boxers are greedy

I can never seem to make a profit because when a boxer renews his contract, he always wants more than the predicted purse. What am I doing wrong please? Thank you.

Can anyone help me please? Thank you.

Need more detail to help pal. How far into game is your fighter? Generally he wont make money until they get high up in rankings or until they win a belt

Like this. The guaranteed purse is higher than the estimated purse, so generally whichever opponent I select, I’ll be making a loss.

Yes, to a degree.

But you’ll get sponsorship money too which will likely mean you turn a small profit if he wins

Then if he does win, his estimated purse goes up but you still have effectively three more fights at the £192k level, so you make more money in the latter fights of the contract, assuming you match him correctly.

Thank you. I do make a profit on the sponsorship, but it’s just during fights. As soon as I make a profit, they want to renew their contracts for more money. Usually for a lot more than their opponents in comparison.

What I do is make them fight on their contract until they have 1 fight left. Then resigned them. That way I can maximize my profit before they renew it

Thank you for your reply.