My first Scottish undisputed heavyweight champ

I’m not the best at this game pretty new but my first ever Scottish undisputed heavyweight champ :slight_smile:

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Good stuff mate. Always nice getting an undisputed Scot in your game. Makes it realistic :wink::sunglasses:

And welcome to the forum.


Yeah I love finding great Scottish fighters makes it better for me, and thanks man really enjoying the game so far


You will like this one. I was just about to start a new game when this guy just came through. Need to carry on now :sunglasses:

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The weights are updated for the next update.
Scottish/Welsh/NI/Eng weights etc now proportion to reality not a generic type

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Mmm that’s really interesting. Curious in what way. This how I would see it…

England: Heavyweight, Light Heavy and Middleweight

Wales: middleweight and Light Heavyweight

Scotland: Lightweight and Welterweight

NI: Bantamweight and Featherweight

Just really going by the best ever from each country and current champions. This would also mean having a UK gym would allow you to cover much more weights at a high level than currently.

He looks absolutely class maybe a new josh Taylor :wink: some find mate!

He won the undisputed lightweight title in his 12th fight (I matched him against one of my own high ranked Lightweights so he climbed the rankings quickly). So he is actually a bit ahead of Josh. Not by my much though :sunglasses:

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Speaking of josh look who just popped up
In my game. :rofl::rofl:

Ha awesome. Iv had a Josh Taylor as well. Not as good as that one though. If you scroll down there is a thread titled ‘real boxers name’. Post that in there if you like :sunglasses: