My Guy got robbed is there any way to right this?

I can post a photo if needed but I outlanded him 161-138 and 21-13 in power shots and my corner between the round said you have a big lead in the fight. I also our landed him in 8 of the 12 rounds. There were no knockdowns

You should probably post pics for context. But I believe the makers try and make the game as realistic as possible. IRL there are robberies. REMATCH!!!


Dodgy decisions every week irl. Love that they they are part of the game.

Plus remember boxing isn’t scored on overall punches. It’s by rounds.

Yeah bro I know that I out landed him 8-4 in rounds and out landed him in power shots in every round, was the reigning champ for 7 years so I personally don’t find it realistic to blatantly rob a reigning dominant champ against a random challenger. Would it make sense to rob Fury vs Wallin or Canelo vs Danny Jacobs? No it wouldn’t

If my challenger got robbed against the champ I wouldn’t care cause that would make a ton of sense. That’s happens weekly in boxing. But dominant champs never get clearly robbed that’s my gripe. I’ve had other robberies that I don’t care about but this which seems unrealistic hence my gripe

There aren’t “dodgy” decisions per se. That would suck the place out and simply not what we are trying to make with this game.

We do have variable and realistic judging though. We don’t believe wildly so, just that we obv don’t want identical judges.

But as for dodgy decisions in that it’s fixed or not-random or guided to be wrong then that is not the case and never has been. Are there situations where scores can vary yes and the game would be much the worse if it were not that way and yes we love it when there’s extreme variance and then we get a nice realistic boxing vibe.

Post the fight stats screen and we’ll score it for you blindly :wink:

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Of course when I say dodgy decisions I don’t mean mafia style cheating :grinning:. But some results will go against you when you think your winning. It’s not often enough that it’s a problem. To even code judging that allows split decisions is cool in my opinion.

Ha :slight_smile:
We get a fair few private “I wozz robbed” emails accusing us of fixing fights(!!!) and such like.

We like the varying judges. We are keen to introduce a set of fixed (fictional)judges so that everyone has the same set of judges in their game. We think that would be quite cool :slight_smile:

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Recently I’ve discovered that damage done outweighs shots landed 95% of the time. Not saying this result is justified just a little something to keep an eye on.

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Bro. Real life boxers get robbed. They made the game as realistic as possible. One of my boxers dropped a guy once out punched him by 25 punches and had 4 more power punches. I lost a split decision :joy: it’s life bro :man_shrugging:t5:

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In real life dominate champions wouldn’t get robbed from some nobody mandatory. If my guy was the challenger I would get it. If the game is meant to be realistic then the judges would favor the champ

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