My Gyms Hall of Famers week 2370

Hall of Famers that I took on from the start(you may have seen some before)

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That’s an amazing set of fighters.


That’s very impressive.

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Boxing Manager… completed it mate


Wait until the next update comes.:slight_smile:

Eight more world titles :slight_smile:
One very difficult to retain undisputed title :wink:


Wow didn’t realise you meant WBO was getting added quite so quickly. Great stuff IM. Proper undisputed champions now (Like Taylor, not like Teofimo :wink:)

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I started a new game yesterday as well. Going to have to scrap that and get a new one going.

One day we’ll work out how to charge extra for all this cool stuff coming so fast and furiously :wink:

Editor should definitely be charged extra for imo. 4th title not so much :joy::joy:

Old one will work perfectly well. We’ve made sure of that;)

It’s very cool. Been playing it hard all weekend. Makes a big difference. Next up is not making it largely default that managers will get their multiple title fights accepted. :slight_smile:

Yeah I can see that. But I always like to start a new game when a big update drops. See how it works from the beginning :sunglasses:

So started a new game and got landed with Ken Buchanan on my first try. Don’t think Iv ever landed a boxer I’m happy with first time. That will do nicely.

Is Buchanan’s surname in the game by the way? Don’t think Iv ever seen it…

Not sure. Will get someone to look through the second name tables. Don’t think so tbh.

This game has always been anti Scottish. Never see Scottish champions! Lol

Ha it’s no big deal but would be nice.

Buchanan is in there as is Ken.

But not for Scotland…:slight_smile: Only Jamaica :):):slight_smile:

Um, ok. Im sure it’s a very popular name in Jamaica :joy:

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My First WBO champion 4 belt era in flow


The way we derived all those names by country seemingly so :slight_smile:

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And my man above becomes my first 4 belt undisputed champion.

Beta testing can be so easy….
Wait til this hits a production version :wink:

Oh I agree. 2 of my 3 starting boxers are undisputed. Definitely too easy :sunglasses: