My new goal in the game

As a Portuguese-American, I thought it was really cool to find a Portuguese fighter who is a) pretty solid as a prospect and b) able to sign in my gym (located in the UK). It’s not often that I sign fighters outside of their nation, but I’m making an exception for him. I’ll update you guys when I make this kid the greatest fighter of all time.

He already lost prior to me signing him, due to poor matchmaking (his opponent, also available for me to sign, has 17 generalship, 19 chin, and 17 power, but I’ll rematch him one day and whoop him lol)


Top Portuguese fighters are pretty rare in game huh. Good stats there though.

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We live out in Portugal so always good to see someone from “over here” doing well in the game. They are as @TartanTornado says somewhat rare in the game.

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