My only gripes w the game

I love this game and have been playing for more than a year. My only suggestions simulation should be done monthly not weekly, which speeds up the game time. There should at least be an option to simulate however many weeks in the future. Also it seems after playing for long enough all the champs have beaten each other and all have records of like 25-12. Undefeated prospects should be placed in the game. Also I should have sandbox type control in the easiest game mode so u can control the fights that’s happen in the game. Also, if there’s any version of this game similar to mma, let me know.


Thanks Dylan.

Game performance (not least since we doubled the game world size) is as ever a concern. Our next major update along with a HUGE slew of new features and game components will seek to make some big improvements in that respect.

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I’ve scoured the games and there is no MMA equivalent or any combat sports managing equivalent. This is the pinnacle and you can see a big part of why that is is because of the Dev’s knowledge and passion for boxing. An MMA version would be nice but it’s a lot to ask. I actually named my MW Brazilian Anderson Silva though as I don’t know any great Brazilian boxers lol. Don’t agree with monthly as it just wouldn’t work, especially as your stables and gyms grow. ‘Simulate until next fight’ would be good though.
On a side note to IronMike: you solved the being able to make fights for injured fighters glitch :frowning: one glitch I welcomed and used frequently lol

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