My own boxers can’t fight eachother

The fighters I manage can’t fight eachother at the moment

I don’t think that is a bug. I think it is intentional.

Bit annoying if you have a champion and a world class fighter who you want to fight against one another

But annoying but totally realistic.:wink:

It’s more realistic and easier to get two fighters on the same promotion/management team to fight then different management teams like for example making a fight between two matchroom fighters is a lot easier than a fight from matchroom and top rank together

Yes we agree which is why they can meet. But not between gyms. Again that seems in the right fun/realistic equation.

I think it would be better if it was not possible to bet on your own fighters or any fights they are participating in. Feels unrealistic.

Also, if a player can send their fighter out with terrible tactics, and lose on purpose to make money - I think it ruins the game a little.

So if they were at different gyms but managed by me they can fight on this current game?

Correct. It doesn’t allow for fights between guys from the same gym but same stable, different gym that’s ok.

Okay thanks that is realistic sorry for the misunderstanding