Navarrete vs Wilson

After two up-and-down events of predictions, I’m hoping to hit my stride on this ESPN card. There’s 4 fights that I’ll be paying attention to, so here goes:

Emanuel Navarrete vs Liam Wilson: This fight seems like a mismatch, right? Vaquero comes in as the huge favorite, and unless he has half-assed his way through camp, he should have no problem going through Wilson, and quickly. My prediction: Navarrete via TKO/KO round 4

Arnold Barboza Jr vs Jose Pedraza: This is a worsefight than I think the media is making it out to be. Pedraza has not looked good in his last two outings; I think the age and 5+ years of tough competition have got to him. Barboza is probably going to crush him, as he’s better than anyone Pedraza has fought since at least Jose Zepeda, probably Lomachenko. My prediction: Barboza Jr via TKO/KO round 6

Richard Torrez Jr vs James Bryant: For those who don’t know Torrez Jr, just know that he’s the next Alen Babic. All offense, seems to have at least a decent chin, and plenty of power. He’ll want to get Bryant out of there quickly, and I’d imagine he will. My prediction: Torrez Jr via TKO/KO round 2

Nico Ali Walsh vs Eduardo Ayala: Ali Walsh has looked better and better with each fight, and the progression has been quick and staggering. I’m starting to think he’s a legit top prospect to monitor in the future. As for the fight, I’d like to see it go the distance, as I’d like to see Walsh go through the levels throughout multiple rounds. My prediction: Ali Walsh via TKO/KO round 3

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And as far as tomorrow nights ESPN card goes, I don’t care too much for anything outside of the main event, where I think Bazinyan will make himself well known in the 168-pound scene. Fox hasn’t been good recently, and Bazinyan is out for blood. If I were to make a prediction, I’d go with Bazinyan via wide UD

5-0 on winners, 2-3 on outcome (0-5 on specific round)

I’ll take it

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Missed this thread. Shit and I needed some winners myself. Nice calls.

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I’m on a roll this year lol. Wish I had the cash to actually bet on my predictions

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