Need more contenders /losing titles

I have now made around 90 mil in game and have signed fighters from strawweight to Heavyweight and there’s one common thing im seeing with contenders… and thats theres barely any! It’s been creating problems in my game where my fighters get mad at me for not having fights for weeks/months. Is this intended? I feel like if we’re a world champion or undisputed, we should have the ability to pick and choose between 5-9 people. Sometimes if im lucky i’ll see 2 different contenders. Even more luck and they’ll have a good record… they’re usually double digit losses!

Another thing ive noticed is that i’ve had 2-3 champions stripped of their world titles when undisputed (one wasn’t I believe). I think one of them was set to defend the undisputed crown and was stripped while training for his upcoming fight. Is this a bug?

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Thanks for the mail.

It’s an interesting point regarding contenders and would love to hear others views or perspectives on this.

With regards to titles being stripped in that way we aren’t aware of any issues with this but will add to that to the list under investigation.

Well done btw with your game success.

This does sound like the age old discussion around title qualification.

An expansion of the qualifying rankings can come when we have mandatory defences but from our running of this it tends to create less opportunities for undisputed defences as, similarly to real life, each organisation has a different mandatory and the belts fragment quickly. This is the primary reason why we have more undisputed champs in BM than in real life. As ever we try to balance realism with fun game play…

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I feel like sometimes it’s overly hard to find a champ a fight (especially undisputed) maybe there’s a way to tweak it so if an opponent ranks for 2/3 or 3/4 then you could still fight them?

I hate having to drop a belt, and sometimes that belt even goes to the fighter that you’ve dropped the belt to be able to fight in the first place :joy:

I just had my undisputed champion defend his crown and lose 3 of the 4 belts after winning. This must be a bug? I think more options for contenders should for sure be a thing. My undisputed German Heavyweight champion cant find a fight for a few months now.

I like the idea of expanding contenders to maybe 1-6. As an undisputed champion I wanna be able to feel like I can pick and choose who I want next on a little bit of a better list. Kind of comes as a reward of being undisputed for all the hard work lol

Another misc thing I thought about is bolded fighter name in the career record so you can see which one of your fighters fought the current one you’re viewing. I have 2 boxers who are 1 weight class apart and both moved up. The one from the lower weight class is fighting the boxer who beat my other one and it would be a lot easier to find my boxers name if it was bolded in his career record.

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I’d say for me when you have a lot i fighters and gyms the for champs and top fighters have stayed way longer then they should have with 1 chin and punishment problems but it helps for the build up for your other fights but besides that for me that part runs good

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