Need to get that retire button in ASAP

Guys, I’ve played this game on and off for a long time now. Biggest frustration with the game is when you have you number 1 fighter, top of GOAT list guy getting beat down at the end of his career. It’s so disheartening. I have a guy who is 47-0,would love if I could retire him with that 0 instead of turning into a 48-6 record. This is my biggest downer about this game. Is there any update on it?


I think this was discussed a long time ago.
I was hoping it was on the list of upcoming changes too. I think I might have mentioned a ‘suggest retirement’ button.
Now I think about it, maybe a ‘suggest comeback’ button after retirement might also be good - with the majority of fighter stats reduced (depending on length of time retired).


We are sat doing this exact task at the moment.We were going to release the fighter styles update but have held that back as we are close with the first iteration/version of manager based retirements.

Whether it (immediately) solves the issue that @Kinkjay501 is talking about we aren’t entirely sure. At least not in every situation.

We have worked this out according to career damage and a medical opinion. Then in relation to their earnings and your relationship with them as well as their current career situation (champ/contender etc) We work out what we think would happen. One of those outcomes is for managers to offer a range of retirement options…

We are testing this at present and welcome thoughts.

We like the suggested comeback idea. Very cool. Not sure we will get that in the first effort but our method is always to release features and then iterate rather than delay them endlessly. Unless it’s fight shows :wink:



When do you plan on releasing that update?

It’s in beta now and hopefully if we haven’t messed up it’ll be to the App Store by Friday/saturday depending on review time.

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